My story

The idea of ​​my fine online store came about because of my love for nature and my passion for delicious chocolate. And of course in addition to growing cacao trees and growing beautiful, tropical and rare trees.

I've been a familiar face to many people for some time now, but I'd still like to introduce myself.

Growing all kinds of plants fanatically and my passion for Cacao started at a young age. As well as the passion for tropical trees with a difficult germination rate.

Some of my cultivated trees and plants are now on display in the tropical gardens of Utrecht University, among others. In recent years I have inspired many people with the sale of cocoa trees and rare species via Marktplaats. Recently I built a beautiful barn where the Cocoa trees are grown and packed and from where they are shipped to the most diverse destinations. It is and remains a party to pack every tree and send it on its way to a new destination.

A fair price, guaranteed quality and a 100% growth guarantee and I am proud of that.

Cocoa tree online
Dominique van Wijk

Dominique van Wijk

A real nerd in the cultivation of cacao trees and other tropical plants, and probably one of the first in the Netherlands to take the initiative regarding the cultivation of Theobroma cacao.

growing cocoa trees


The Trinitario variety probably arose after the near destruction of Trinidad's Criollo plantations by a hurricane in 1727. Forastero seeds were obtained from Venezuela and cross-pollination with the native Criollo trees resulted in the Trinitario. These are mainly found in the Caribbean but also in Venezuela and Colombia. These trees represent about 12% of the cacao production in the world and now also a small part in the Netherlands.

cocoa in your home

Cocoa is beautiful, and nice for the home

This way I hope to convey the splendor and passion for cacao tree and to bring a smile to many people's faces with this true eye-catcher. With good care you will quickly have beautiful plants at home.

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