grow your own cocoa tree

Grow your own cocoa tree

As far as we are concerned, it is of course the best thing to grow your own cocoa tree! I think the whole process of germination, growing and blooming is wonderful to see and of course I wish you that too. I therefore encourage you to grow your own cocoa tree and explain how to let the cocoa seeds germinate.

The best place

The seeds of the cocoa tree germinate best in an environment of at least 25 degrees Celsius. is fine in full sun, but also on the windowsill just above the heating. Find a nice spot where you can keep the soil moist every day and where you have a good view of the development of your cocoa seeds.

( Tip ) Use a propagator or heat mat to germinate.

How to sow?

Remove the white pulp around the seeds completely. then dry the seeds briefly with a cloth so that all pulp and skins have been removed.

Sow the seeds with the thicker side (the side with the white tip) down, make sure that a piece of the top sticks out of the sowing medium. We recommend sowing in sowing and cutting soil or coco peat. It is important to know that cocoa seeds have a short germination and they should absolutely not dry out. It is therefore very important to sow quickly when you have received them and to keep the soil moist but not too wet, as this will cause them to become mouldy.

Germination time

Cocoa seeds germinate between 2 and 5 weeks between 25 and 30 degrees.

Buy cocoa seeds

In our webshop you can buy a package of 5 cocoa seeds that you can sow and care for. Do you know someone with green fingers and a love of nature? Then this is a wonderful gift to give away!

We help you on your way

You can and can contact us during the entire sowing process, because of course we want your cocoa tree to grow nicely and that you can enjoy it for a long time. Cocoa beans are a natural product and that makes it exciting and fun to work with. Do you want to know more about sowing cocoa seeds? We take you step by step and you can really ask us anything! Use our contact form to ask your question, we promise to answer you quickly.

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