Theobroma Cocoatree

Theobroma Cocoa tree

We have sown and cultivated these cocoa trees ourselves. He came to us as a cocoa bean and we grew a beautiful cocoa tree in our greenhouse on Dutch soil. The tree is very happy to be in your home or office.

Care tips for the cocoa tree :

Where does the tree prefer to grow?

A cocoa tree does not like full sun all day and is completely happy with partial shade. Find a bright and warm place out of direct sunlight. Try to avoid the bright afternoon sun in the summer, but in the morning it is fine outside. Sprinkle the tree with rainwater so it stays nice and moist around the plant.

What temperature does the cocoa tree thrive in?

At a temperature of at least 18 Celsius and anything above that, this tropical tree also grows the fastest around 30 degrees.

How much water does a cocoa tree need?

If you give the tree some rainwater daily or every other day, that is sufficient. as long as you make sure that the soil around the root ball remains moist. Is the air in the room dry? Then spray the tree with boiled (and cooled) water or rainwater.

Does the cocoa tree need extra nutrition?

Our seedlings are fed already 4 weeks after germination. Use a liquid plant food for house plants, and spoil them quarterly with some bone meal or lava meal and mix this through the top layer, this promotes growth. In the summer the tree can grow considerably and to help a little extra you can add 1 to 2 feed houseplants once a week. The tree grows fastest between April and September and can then make good use of the extra nutrition.

When do the flowers and fruits grow?

The beautiful flowers bloom directly on the trunk after about a year and a half. (Depending on which variety it concerns) Do you also want fruit? Then you need two trees. You then have to pollinate the flowers manually, this can be done by picking one flower and then letting the flowers on the other tree come into contact with the picked flower. After 4 years, the fruits grow directly on the trunk, provided the right conditions.

Want to know more?

Because you might want to know even more than you can find here, we invite you to use our contact form for questions. Even if you have other questions or can give us tips, we are highly recommended to get acquainted. Our contact form is available day and night and 7 days a week to receive questions. We promise to quickly share our passion and answer your questions.

Theobroma cacao tree