Whole Dried Cacao Fruits 15 to 18 centimeters ( 3 Pieces )

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Dried Cacao fruits natural 10-18cm ( 3 pieces )

Who doesn't know and love them, the Cacao fruits of the Cacao tree, called Theobroma cacao in Latin, the large fruits that make fantastic chocolate? The beautiful natural fruit was processed even more extensively for the decorative purpose than for harvest! After being picked, these exotic fruits were dried and then drilled out at the bottom so that the beans were extracted using a special process. Through the hole you can look beautifully into the fruit. As a result, the oval wood fruit fits perfectly in a shop window or at home for decoration or in a patisserie and also in a candy store as an atmospheric and natural decoration. Of course you can also decorate your exhibition stand, cocktail bar or reception with these cocoa pods. And especially in a chic wooden bowl, this South American decoration scores well and even adorns your chest of drawers and your living room table at home! The hollowed out cocoa pod in its natural color, which is appropriately cocoa brown, comes in a bag of 3 pieces. The natural product has slightly different lengths from about 10 to 18 centimeters and can therefore also be beautifully presented as a table decoration for an afternoon coffee, arranged in a gift basket as decoration with chocolate and rum or processed in an unusual and fascinating dry bouquet. Especially the chocolate lover should not miss these natural products!

Please note: the cocoa fruits are not suitable for consumption! Only use for decoration in shop windows, counters and as table decoration. Keep out of reach of children!

Size: about 9-15cm

Material: wood

Color : natural colors, cocoa brown

Quantity : 3 pieces

Art.-no.: 12

Weight: 0.3kg

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