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Fresh Trinitario Cacao Fruits / Fresh Cacao Pods / Fresh Cacao / 1 piece (approx. 500-800 Grams)

Class A Cacao fruits are superfoods, they are also called 'Food of the gods' and are used to make chocolate and cacao butter. The cacao seeds grow in these fruits that grow directly from the trunk of the cacao tree after the flowering period. The fruit or pod is oblong in shape, and between 4 and 20 centimeters long and ranging in color from yellow to orange to purple. this depends on which variety it concerns. A cacao pod contains 30-60 seeds embedded in delicious and sweet and sour creamy white pulp. It takes 8-15 cacao pods to produce 500 grams of cacao beans. The taste of the beans depends on the variety and on the growing conditions such as temperature, sunshine and rainfall and acidity of the soil.

When available?

The cacao fruit harvest usually starts at the end of the rainy season and can last for three months. The cacao trees grow in countries with a warm and humid climate around the equator. The cacao fruits are available all year round because we buy them fresh and keep them cool.

What is the nutritional value of Cacao?

Cacao fruits contain theobromine, caffeine, tannin, polyphenols, nitrogen, fiber and 40-50% good fats. Theobromine is an alkaloid similar to caffeine, but less potent in its effect on the nervous system. Raw Cacao is believed to be one of the greatest sources of antioxidants and magnesium of all foods, making it a true superfood!

How do I apply cacao fruits?

When the cacao pods are ripe, they are cracked or cut open and the cocoa beans are left to ferment in the sun to make it easier to remove the white flesh. They are ready for the cacao trade when dried and fermented in the sun. Cacao is the product of cocoa beans that are dried, roasted and ground into cocoa powder. Cacao is used in a wide variety of culinary applications such as baking, chocolate bars, drinks and other well-known dishes. It also has emollient properties and is used as an ingredient in some cosmetics for example the cacao butter, and cough drops because of the theobromine. The cacao fruits are best stored in a cool and dry place after receipt, such as a cool cellar or the refrigerator.

  • Cut or break the fruit in half lengthwise or widthwise.
  • Remove the white pulp from the cacao beans with your nails.
  • Eat it raw to experience the taste of the raw chocolate or mix it ground into a smoothie or dish.
  • You can also leave the pulp around the bean, this tastes wonderfully sweet-sour and is a tasty combination with the bean.
  • You can find plenty of recipes on the internet to process your fresh beans.

Country of origin Ecuador.

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